Skilled Nursing Care at Mercy Allen Hospital

Mercy Allen Hospital’s 25-bed capacity is designed for both acute care and skilled nursing care patients. Skilled nursing care is provided in one wing with acute care provided in close proximity. This provides Mercy Allen Hospital’s skilled nursing care patients with the added security of knowing that acute hospital care is available immediately, should the need arise.
Quality Care in a Hospital Setting

When you use skilled nursing care services at Mercy Allen Hospital, you receive the same high quality of care that Mercy Allen Hospital is known to provide. Nursing care is given by experienced nurses, licensed practical nurses and state tested nursing assistants – all provided in a compassionate, caring atmosphere.
We are proud to share that over 76% of the skilled nursing care patients at Mercy Allen Hospital are able to be discharged directly back home, bypassing the need to be admitted into a long-term care facility. For those who go home but still need medical care, home health services may be recommended.

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