Program Overview

Our Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency Program is designed to provide an opportunity for a supervised advanced clinical and surgical experience in the recognition and management of foot and ankle pathology. The resident will learn to recognize and treat lower extremity manifestations of the various systemic, cutaneous and functional diseases together with the concept of secondary prevention of chronic diseases as they relate to the foot and ankle.

We emphasize the relationship of basic science to clinical practice by affording the opportunities to study and utilize the complete physical record of the patient before, during and after podiatric treatment. 

The podiatric resident will work with a group of diverse and top-notch attending podiatric surgeons to provide the residents a well-rounded education in podiatric medicine and surgery.  Residents also become very familiar with hospital procedures and protocols as well as interactions with other divisions and specialties of healthcare services. Residents also have an opportunity to participate and serve on hospital committees, allowing a deeper insight into the health care system, clinical, quality and administrative processes.   
To achieve these objectives, experiences and training of the major areas for treatment of podiatric conditions have been approved through educational and clinical and research and public health programs. Didactic education is conducted through journal reviews, scheduled lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences devoted to integrating basic science with clinical treatment of patients. 

Accreditation Status

Program Name: Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency Program
CPME Accreditation Status: Accredited
Length of Training: 3 years
Approved Resident Positions: Six, accepts two residents each year