Mercy Health offers our nurses growth for every career phase. At Mercy Health, nursing is constantly evolving because we want you to thrive in all stages of your career.

We want to encourage and support your professional growth as a nurse. If nursing leadership is your passion, we offer in-house courses to help you become an inspiring and transformational leader – we even have an intensive nursing leader development program that will give you the knowledge you need to quickly succeed and build an amazing career at Mercy Health. Many of our hospitals also offer clinical ladder programs to recognize your commitment to the patients we serve through your excellence in bedside care.

Nursing Education

As a nurse at Mercy Health, you will discover your passion for a specialty area and we can help you obtain the information you need for certification or continuing education. You may also want to further your clinical training, and we're here to help with that, too. For our associate degree nurses, we offer generous tuition reimbursement plans to help you obtain a Bachelor's degree in a variety of traditional and online programs. If a Master’s degree is your calling, tuition support is also available for this track. As a Mercy Health nurse, you can always take advantage of career counseling offered by nurses with advanced degrees and background in nursing education.

Nursing Residency

Many of our regions offer nursing residency programs for nurses who have earned their RN license within the last six months. These 1-year programs provide the knowledge and skills needed for a successful transition to practice and a robust career foundation.

Nursing residents participate in seminar and simulation-based sessions facilitated by expert nurses with special emphasis on:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Leadership development
  • Patient safety
  • Professional career development
  • Evidenced-based practice
  • Written and verbal communication

Program tracks include: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Perinatal, Perioperative and Medical-Surgical Nursing. Curricular foundation is based on best practices and competencies defined by the respective professional organization of each clinical track.

Supporting and preparing our newest nurses for a career with Mercy Health is our highest priority. Ask your Mercy Health RN recruiter for more information on residency programs.

Nurse Anesthetist Program

Mercy Health partners with Youngstown State University for the St. Elizabeth Health Center School for Nurse Anesthetists, Inc. The purpose of the graduate program is to prepare nurses at the master’s level for advanced practice, providing a strong graduate nursing education that builds on baccalaureate nursing foundation. The core curriculum centers on professional nursing issues, nursing science and research methods for building nursing knowledge, preparing nurses to implement essential characteristics and core competencies for nursing practice in selected specialty areas.

To learn more about enrolling, visit the program website.