From diagnostic testing services and sophisticated cardiac procedures and surgeries, through individualized cardiac rehab programs and home health follow-up care, Mercy offers you the peace of mind and convenience that comes from trusting your heart health to one of the region’s most advanced coronary care programs.

We employ the latest medical technology to provide advanced procedures in our state-of-the-art facility:

Invasive cardiac procedures

• complex coronary intervention

• defibrillator and pacemaker implants

• carotid and renal artery stenting

• complex peripheral interventions (stenting of lower legs)

• critical limb Ischemia/limb salvage

• amputation prevention program

• varicose vein endovascular therapies

• venous thrombosis therapies

• IVC filter placement and retrieval

• advanced electrophysiological mapping and ablations


Open heart surgery services

• heart bypass

• valve replacement

• valve repair


Diagnostic/preventive services

• carotid duplex testing

• cholesterol testing

• echocardiogram (ECHO)


• cardiac holter or extended monitoring

• nuclear cardiology/stress testing

• peripheral vascular testing (free screening

program offered to all Mercy patients)

• transesophogeal echocardiography (TEE)


Individualized cardiac rehabilitation

• available on an inpatient and outpatient basis

• inpatient rehab center or skilled nursing facility that offers cardiac rehab if you can’t go home

after discharge

• dedicated nurse to supervise initial stages of rehab, no matter where you have it


24/7 emergency care

• best practice performance in saving heart muscle when patients have suffered a heart attack

• available at our emergency chest pain unit for ER patients with chest pain or heart attack symptoms

• state-of-the-art hypothermia treatment for preventing brain damage in heart attack patients

• prompt attention, immediate cardiac monitoring, rapid assessment, and, if you’ve had a heart attack,

the latest treatments, including clot-busting drugs and/or emergency cardiac catheterization

• open heart surgery team and cath lab staff available 24/7