For more information or to schedule a consult, please call 513-751-CARE (Oncology Hematology Care, Inc.) or 513-686-5482 (The Jewish Hospital — Mercy Health Cincinnati Cancer and Cellular Therapy Center) and ask to speak with a transplant physician.

Our success-oriented program is responsive to physicians' needs with an easy referral process, weekly updates and the speedy return of patients to the care of their oncologist. The outcomes of our growing bone marrow transplant program rival national statistics — and offer the best of treatments close to home. Oncologists across the region refer patients to The Jewish Hospital - Mercy Health for transplants, high dose chemotherapy and leukemia treatment. We encourage oncologists to refer transplant candidates early in the course of their treatment to improve chances of success.

We'll keep you informed

A physician's call is all it takes to begin an evaluation for transplant. The Blood Cancer Center program’s receptionist will schedule an appointment with your patient and obtain all necessary background information from your office staff.

Next, your patient will consult with one of our transplant physicians and a transplant nurse coordinator to receive a thorough examination, evaluation, and all education necessary to make an informed decision about treatment. Once you, your patient and our transplant physician agree to proceed with treatment at The Jewish Hospital, our team facilitates work-up, evaluation and initiates insurance approval process.

Each week while your patient is hospitalized under our care, you will receive an update from the transplant team on your patient's condition. We welcome questions and input at any time. Once the transplant process is complete, autologous transplant recipients should be back to your care within several weeks. Allogeneic transplant patients receive follow-up care for up to a year with the Center. After that, they return to you for care.

How to make a referral

You can refer new patients to the Cancer Center by calling 513-751-CARE (Oncology Hematology Care, Inc.) or 513-686-5482 (Cancer Center) and asking to speak with a transplant physician.