Outpatient Specialty Clinics

Mercy Health —Tiffin Hospital provides a variety of outpatient services and specialty clinics to the community. Outpatient services include blood transfusions, infusions, and IV therapies. Special clinics include allergy, cardiothoracic surgery, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, medical oncology, nephrology, neurology, pain management, pediatric specialties, pulmonology, vascular surgery, and wound management.

Mercy Health — Tiffin Hospital Specialty Clinics 
27 St. Lawrence Dr.
Suite 201

Pain Medicine Center 
The center treats patients who suffer from all types of chronic and acute pain. Treatment is multi-disciplinary and involves physicians, nurses, psychologists, nutrition specialists, pharmacists, therapists and the patient's family members. The program is once per week for four weeks. A physician's referral is required.

Wound Care Management
Wound Care Management provides a team or multi-disciplinary approach to treating wounds and ulcers that fail to heal or are slow to heal due to vascular disease, infection, diabetes or metabolic disorders. Call 419-455-8514 for more information.

Full Calendar of Mercy Health - Tiffin's Specialty Clinics:

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Week One        
Allergy  Gastroenterology  Gastroenterology  Pain Medicine  Nephrology
Gastroenterology (scopes only)  Nephrology  Surgery  Pulmonary  Pediatrics
Neurology every other Monday  Neurology  Vascular  Wound Care  Pulmonary
Pulmonary  Podiatry  Wound Care    
Week Two        
Allergy Dermatology Gastroenterology Pain Medicine Nephrology
Gastroenterology (scopes only) Gastroenterology Surgery Pulmonary  
Pediatric Gastroenterology    Vascular Wound Care  
Nephrology    Wound Care    
Week Three        
Allergy Dermatology Gastroenterology Pain Medicine Nephrology
Gastroenterology (scopes only) Gastroenterology Surgery Pulmonary  
Pediatric Cardiology Neurology Vascular Wound Care  
Pulmonary Podiatry Wound Care    
Week Four        
Allergy Dermatology Gastroenterology Pain Medicine  
Gastroenterology (scopes only) Gastroenterology Nephrology Pediatric Cardiology  
Neurology Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Surgery Pulmonary  
  Neurology Wound Care Wound Care  


To make an appointment at one of the Specialty Clinics:

Allergy   Pediatric Dentistry  
Ashok Gandi, M.D. 800-282-6741 (office) Randy Neiderkohr, D.D.S. 419-447-7337
  419-455-8501 (appointments)    
Anticoagulation   Pediatric Gastroenterology  
Mercy Health - Tiffin Pharmacy 419-455-7145 Mark Naddaf, M.D. 419-251-4880
Dermatology   Pediatric Hematology/Oncology  
Frank Morocco, D.O. 419-455-8501 Zaher Naji, M.D. 419-251-8223
Gastroenterology   Pediatric Pulmonology  
Steven Wagner, M.D. 419-455-8501 Ramalinga Reddy, M.D.  419-251-6430
Nephrology   Pulmonary
Balhinder Brar, M.D. 855-463-6333 Raheel Jamal M.D. 419-251-4790
Benahili Iboaya, D.O. 419-425-8000 Srinivas Katragadda M.D. 419-251-4790
Rahil Kasmani, M.D. 855-463-6333 James Tita D.O. 419-251-4790
     appointments 419-455-8523
Neurology   Vascular Surgery  
Paul Smyth, M.D. 419-455-8501 Gregory Walker D.O. 419-251-3112
    Mark Burket, M.D. 419-455-8501
Pain Medicine/Physical Medicine   Wound Care  
Nathan Hill, M.D. 419-455-8515 John Bremyer, D.P.M. 419-455-8514
    Gregory Walker, D.O. 419-455-8514
Pediatric Cardiology    
Dingding Xiong, M.D. 419-455-8501    
Kalyani Trivedi, M.D.  419-455-8501