How You Can Help

Scholarship Fund

The Mercy Health —Willard Hospital Work Grant Program (MHWHWGP) is established to provide payment of tuition expenses in exchange for a commitment to work for Mercy Health — Willard Hospital (MWH) following the recipient’s graduation from an accredited education program.

The MHWHWGP provides payment of tuition and other related academic fees for education, up to $4,000 per academic year with a maximum total award of $8,000 per recipient. Applicants must be accepted in a clinical program of study, i.e. RN program, Radiology program etc. Recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA or better to remain eligible for the grant. Recipients are required to work as a full time employee based on the following: for a period of one year at MHWH in exchange for any amount received up to $4000 or for a period of two years for any amount received between $4001 and $8000. The Mercy Health Foundation provides the grant funds.

MHWHWGP is open to residents of Huron County and contiguous counties.

Applicants are required to submit to MHWH the following items:

  • Statement of Acceptance: A statement or letter from the college, school, or university, indicating acceptance in a clinical program of study, i.e. RN program, Radiology program, etc., for the academic year of the award must be submitted before final approval of the work grant by the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Mercy Health —Willard Hospital Work Grant Application including references.
  • Transcript: An official copy of the applicant’s high school or college transcript.
  • Applicant’s Statement: A brief statement, approximately 250 words, describing the applicant’s reasons for choosing their health related career.

For more information about the Work Grant Program, please call 419-964-5107.

Development Fund

Donations to the Development Fund offer the Mercy Health Foundation resources to fund projects not covered by specific funds or endowments. This fund is used to benefit the hospital, its employees and departments directly and gives the Foundation flexibility to identify and address new areas of need. These resources can be used to purchase equipment, sponsor special educational events and provide support for Mercy Health —Willard Hospital.

The Woman’s Health Focus funds released to the hospital in 2004 enabled the purchase of a state of the art mammography unit as well as needed renovations in the OB department. In 2004-2005, the development fund made it possible for the hospital to purchase Cardiac Stress Testing equipment and update the defibrillator / monitors in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit.

In 2008, funds from the Development Fund brought in Patrick Reynolds, an anti-tobacco advocate, to speak to local seventh grade students about the risks of tobacco use.

Planned Giving

The Mercy Health Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing financial resources to Mercy Health — Willard Hospital. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax deductible and are designated for capital expenditures and other donor designated projects that support Mercy Health —Willard Hospital’s mission and values.

What is planned giving?
Planned giving is taking advantage of the best planning possible to benefit both the donor and the gift recipient. In many cases, there are tax benefits to making a gift in a particular way.

Why give to Mercy Health Foundation?

  • To help maintain quality health care close to home through Mercy Health —Willard Hospital.
  • To keep healthcare facilities in our community that will attract and keep business here.
  • You know your gift will stay in the community.

Gift Annuities – Give and Receive

Many times, individuals want to make a gift to their favorite charity, but need the income from that asset while they are still living. A gift annuity is a sum of money or other asset given in return for fixed regular payments for one or two persons’ lives. Many times, the payout rate on a gift annuity will be substantially higher than what an individual would receive in a savings, certificate of deposit or money market account. For example, a donor at age 75 earns about 7.1%*. An income tax deduction is received at the time the annuity is established. The donor cannot outlive their payments.


An endowment gift is a gift arrangement established in perpetuity, through which the principle of the fund remains intact and usually only the income is paid out. The principal is the amount of cash or property that was contributed by the donor. These types of funds help to ensure the long-term financial viability of Mercy Health — Willard Hospital. Endowment gifts can be placed in a general endowment fund, or in the case of larger gifts, can be put into a separate fund named in honor of the donor.

Bequests - Remembering the Foundation in Your Will

Another popular form of giving is naming the Foundation in your will. This can provide important benefits to your family, such as a possible reduction in estate taxes. A bequest is a clause in your will stating that you wish to leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation. Anyone considering a bequest should first research the benefits of a life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity. With a charitable gift annuity, one realizes a current income tax reduction that is not available with a bequest.

If you have included us in your will, we hope that you will notify us so that we may recognize you as a supporter of the Foundation.

For more information, The Mercy Health Foundation has a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in charitable gift planning available to answer any questions you might have. To arrange an appointment or for more information about the Foundation, please call 419-964-5105.

 *This rate fluctuates based on the market.