Procedures & Treatments

The Mercy Health Neuroscience Institute

When it comes to neurology and stroke care, our list of procedures and treatments is extensive. Here’s a glimpse of what we do everyday to take care of the people that matter most – our patients.

Spinal surgical procedures

  • Degenerative disk disease: when a damaged vertebral disc causes chronic pain in the back, leg, spine or neck
  • Kyphoplasty: surgically filling an injured or collapsed vertebra restoring the original shape and configuration
  • Neuro-oncology: the study of the brain and new and abnormal growth of tissue, including astrocytoma, glioma, glioblastoma multiform, ependymoma, pontine glioma, brain stem tumors, and more
  • Spinal/vertebral fixation: anchoring two or more vertebrae with a synthetic vertebral fixation device to reduce vertebral mobility and avoid damaging the spinal cord and/or spinal roots
  • Stenosis: when there’s abnormal narrowing of open spaces causing chronic pain
  • Tumor ablation for spinal mets: an image-guided, minimally invasive treatment used to destroy cancer cells
  • Vascular malformations: a congenital vascular abnormalities of veins, lymph vessels or both 

Brain surgeries

  • Aneurysms: an excessive localized enlargement of an artery caused by a weakening of the artery wall
  • Brain tumors: a mass of abnormal cells in your brain
  • Chiari malformation: a condition in which brain tissue spreads into your spinal canal
  • Cysts: a membranous sac or cavity containing fluid
  • Hydrocephalus: typically in children, when fluid gathers in the brain, enlarges the head and can cause brain damage
  • Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia and neurofacial spasms: relieves compression of a cranial nerve
  • Pituitary surgeries: the most common way to remove pituitary tumors
  • Skull based aurgeries: a group of operations and approaches to lesions at or involving the base of the skull 

Pain relief procedures

  • Pain pumps: when a small pump is surgically inserted into the body to deliver pain relief around your spinal cord
  • Peripheral nerve surgeries: surgical treatment for pain caused by injury and/or compression of nerves, which include:
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Malignant nerve sheath tumors
    • Nerve injuries
    • Nerve compressions and entrapments
    • Nerve tumors
    • Neurofibromas
    • Schwannomas
    • Spinal accessory nerve injury
    • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Traumatic nerve injury
    • Ulnar nerve entrapment