Mercy Health Physician and Orthopaedic Surgeon Co-Edits Definitive Textbook on Shoulder Injuries

(CINCINNATI; June 30, 2014) – Mercy Health, which provides advanced, quality, compassionate care in your neighborhood through its care network, announces that Samer Hasan, MD, PhD, a Mercy Health Physician and board certified orthopaedic surgeon, has co-edited the definitive textbook on a common group of shoulder injuries.

At the invitation of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Dr. Hasan, part of Mercy Health’s Dream Team of orthopaedic specialists and a fellowship trained shoulder and elbow specialist practicing from Mercy Health - Cincinnati SportsMedicine & Orthopaedic Center, Montgomery and Crestview Hills, set out to compile the latest medical information on injuries to the biceps tendon.

“For four years, I’ve sat on the publications and education committee of the AAOS, which oversees the educational efforts of the Academy. We realized there was no textbook available that could provide guidance to orthopaedic surgeons on evaluating and treating disorders of the superior labrum, or top part of the lining of the glenoid or shoulder socket, and the proximal biceps tendon, which attaches the biceps muscle to the glenoid,” said Dr. Hasan.

“Anyone who plays baseball, tennis or volleyball or whose work involves repetitive overhead movements is at risk of a biceps tendon injury,” says Dr. Hasan. “Given that biceps tendon tears are fairly common and can lead to tenderness, pain, weakness, difficulty moving the arm and sometimes an unsightly ‘Popeye’ bulge in the biceps muscle itself, we determined that it was time to address these injuries in a textbook.”

For “Disorders of the Proximal Biceps Tendon: Evaluation and Treatment,” Dr. Hasan and his co-editor Augustus D. Mazzocca, MD, invited a who’s who of shoulder experts from around the world to author chapters of the book.

The resulting textbook includes detailed information on the anatomy and biomechanics and the bicep and related structures such as the superior labrum or SLAP; examination and imaging of biceps and SLAP injuries; surgical and non-surgical treatment options and caring for special patients, such as athletes and laborers.

“The book took 18 months from inception to publication, which is a relatively short period of time. As a result, the book contains the most current information on evaluating and treating biceps tendon and SLAP injuries, making it both timely and relevant for today’s shoulder surgeons,” notes Dr. Hasan.

The AAOS published Disorders of the Proximal Biceps Tendon: Evaluation and Treatment in December 2013 and the book is available from the AAOS store. For more information, visit:

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