Emergency Care Services at Mercy Health - Mt. Orab Medical Center Nearly Doubling in Size

Emergency Care Services at Mercy Health – Mt. Orab Medical Center Nearly Doubling in Size(CINCINNATI; February 9, 2015) – Mercy Health - Cincinnati, which provides advanced, quality, compassionate care in your neighborhood through its care network, announces that it has begun an expansion project at Mercy Health – Mt. Orab Medical Center. The project, which should be complete by the second quarter of this year, will nearly double the size of the center’s emergency care facility from eight to 15 beds. The center also provides convenient outpatient lab and imaging services 24-hours daily.

“From its opening in 2009, the physicians and staff of Mercy Health – Mt. Orab Medical Center have been gratified by the warm reception they’ve had from the residents of Mt. Orab and surrounding communities,” said Jeff Graham, CEO Mercy Health – East Market.

“It is our focus at Mercy Health to provide top quality care close to home for the communities that we serve.  Mercy Health - Mt. Orab Medical Center has continued to see high community demand for the services we provide making this the perfect time to expand the center,” he added.

“When Mercy Health – Cincinnati built Mt. Orab Medical Center, it included shelled out space in the facility to accommodate future growth. The expansion will utilize this space, providing increased efficiency and care for our patients. When complete, the extra beds will allow for patients with less serious health issues to be treated quickly and discharged, improving the flow of patients through the medical center and freeing beds for patients who need more intensive medical attention” said Angie Gilkerson, Director of Patient Care Emergency Services at Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital and Mt. Orab Medical Center.

“Mercy Health is a very committed partner in the growth of the Mt. Orab community. A strong educational system and access to quality health care are the basic fundamentals that companies look for when expanding or establishing a new business. We are proud to support Mt. Orab’s continued growth by expanding the medical center to meet community demand and partnering with local schools to provide top quality sports medicine and orthopaedics programs for their athletes on and off the field,” Graham commented.

Mercy Health - Mt. Orab Medical Center is part of Mercy Health’s network of care in Cincinnati’s eastern counties. Mercy Health will transfer patients who require additional care beyond that of emergency services to the closest appropriate facility. Mercy Health’s care network in the area includes Mercy Health - Clermont and Anderson Hospitals.  

Mercy Health offers quick access to patients who present with serious heart conditions to the catheterization laboratory at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital, recently recognized by Truven Health as one of the Top 50 Cardiovascular Heart Hospitals in the nation. 
“We are very excited about this recognition and our ability to get patients the care they need when they need it. Time is muscle when it comes to preserving heart function and we are proud to be able to extend this quality service to patients in Mt. Orab and surrounding communities,” said Vanshipal Puri, MD, Medical Director of Cardiology Services for Mercy Health’s East Market. 

“The number one key to a healthier community is having access to primary care,” said Briana McFawn, MD, Regional Medical Director of Mercy Health’s Primary Care Physicians. “We have multiple locations for access with outstanding quality primary care physicians.  Our current locations include Mt. Orab, Sardinia, Georgetown and Seaman, in addition to our relationship with Healthsource of Ohio, located next to our Mercy Health - Mt. Orab Medical Center site.”   

“Expansion and growth also means creating additional local jobs in nursing, respiratory therapy and administrative support. Mercy Health is very excited to expand the Mt. Orab Medical Center, creating more jobs, and we are also looking at future growth of health care needs in Mt. Orab and surrounding communities. We plan and will continue to bring advanced medical and physician specialty services here, keeping them convenient and close to home,” added Graham.