Mercy Health's Post-Therapy Programs Fill the Gap Between Injury and Full Recovery

(CINCINNATI; February 25, 2015) – Injuries can be devastating. In addition to the pain and disruption to your everyday activities, you may face surgery, recovery from surgery and physical therapy before you’re ready to get back to your life. And then there are those instances where you still don’t feel 100%, even after undergoing therapy. That’s where Mercy Health - Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine’s post-therapy programs can fill the gap between injury and full recovery.

Mercy Health – Cincinnati, which provides advanced, quality, compassionate care in your neighborhood through its care network, has four different post-therapy programs available, targeted specifically to each individual’s personal and professional needs and health goals. Licensed healthcare providers administer all of the programs and facilitate communication between the patient and those who need to be kept aware of the patient’s progress, such as parents, physicians, physical therapists, coaches and athletic trainers, as appropriate.

The GAP program offers independent, individual or group exercise sessions aimed to restore full functionality in a specific sport, activity or work role. Mercy Health’s movement experts will tailor an individualized program for each patient. The GAP program assists patients as they transition from formal physical therapy programs back to functional activities and injury prevention. The GAP program can benefit people who have had ACL reconstruction, a sprained ankle, knee scope, joint replacement, lower back pain and many other injuries.

Another option is the Pilates program, which is available in group or individual exercise sessions. Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. The benefits of Pilates include reduced risk of injury and improved posture, spinal alignment and circulation. The Pilates method works well for a wide range of people, including athletes, dancers, seniors and new mothers looking to gain increased strength and flexibility and an awareness of how best to move to maintain health and prevent further injury. Members of the program can take advantage of additional services, including dance physicals, pre-pointe screens and dance injury assessments.

The Biomechanical Assessment program is sports specific and aimed at athletes involved in running or sports that involve throwing, like baseball and softball. Running or throwing incorrectly can lead to a host of injuries to the knees, shoulders and more. A movement expert will assess the athlete’s technique and work with the athlete to optimize his or her mechanics to reduce the risk of injury and maximize performance.

The Work Conditioning program is available to individuals and provides job specific reconditioning to ensure that person can go back to work pain-free. The program runs four hours a day, five days a week for four weeks and is set up in conjunction with the Bureau of Workers Compensation. For example, you’re a firefighter who’s had a knee scope. Before you can return to work safely, you need to be able to carry heavy loads and climb up and down ladders in full gear. The Work Conditioning program focuses on the specific movements you need to do in your job, ensuring you are able to do those movements safely and without causing further injury.

Insurance is likely to cover the Work Conditioning program but you’ll want to check with your provider to be sure. The Gap, Pilates and Biomechanical Assessment programs are cash-based and range in cost from $10-$80 per session depending on if you are having individual, group or private instruction.

The programs are available at the following offices of Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, a partner of Mercy Health:
• Anderson, 7575 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati 45230, 513-233-4360
• Blue Ash, 4701 Creek Road, Cincinnati 45242, 513-554-8080
• Downtown, Cincinnati Ballet, 1555 Central Parkway, Cincinnati 45214, 513-381-4901
• Eastgate, 4440 Glen Este-Withamsville Road, Cincinnati 45245, 513-943-3630
• West Chester, 8737 Union Centre Blvd, West Chester 45069, 513-645-2246

The programs are also available at Mercy Health – Cincinnati Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center offices in:
• Mason, 7423 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason 45040, 513-347-9999, ext. 5100
• Western Hills, 6350 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati 45211, 513-347-9999, ext. 6100