Mercy Health - Cincinnati Announces Clinical Partnership with Mayfield Brain & Spine

(CINCINNATI; April 5, 2016) - Mercy Health - Cincinnati, which provides advanced, compassionate, quality care in your neighborhood through its care network, announces that it has formed a regional clinical partnership with Cincinnati’s Mayfield Brain & Spine, an internationally recognized leader in neurosurgery, neurovascular microsurgery and spine care.

“Mercy Health is very pleased to announce that on March 1, 2016, it signed a clinical partnership agreement with Mayfield Brain & Spine, the largest and most respected neurosurgical provider in the Greater Cincinnati area,” said Mike Garfield, Interim President and CEO, Mercy Health – Cincinnati. “This agreement has tangible benefits for Mercy Health patients throughout the region, increasing their access to coordinated, high-quality brain and spine care from the most innovative and technologically advanced surgeons in our region.”
“This is great news for our patients, the community, and both of our organizations,” said Arthur Arand, MD, Chairman of Mayfield’s Board of Directors. “Mercy Health facilities have broad coverage across Greater Cincinnati.  This new agreement assures that we will be able to bring Mayfield’s highly specialized expertise to patients throughout the area.”

The direct result of this clinical partnership will be Mayfield Brain & Spine neurosurgeons providing dedicated and coordinated coverage at Mercy Health’s area hospitals. Following collaboration with Mercy Health’s emergency medicine physicians, hospitalists and orthopaedic and neurology specialists, the team will have created and installed advanced clinical protocols at Mercy Health hospitals.

“This new clinical partnership allows us to hardwire patient treatment protocols to ensure a consistent, system-wide approach for the assessment and disposition of brain and spine patients at Mercy Health’s Cincinnati-area hospitals,” said Garfield. “Our goal with partnerships such as this one is to improve quality by developing and implementing systems of care that remove variation. This ensures that all patients benefit from the protocols developed by this clinical team no matter the patient’s condition or location of treatment.”

The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health will now serve as Mercy Health’s neurosurgery center of excellence. With a dedicated Mayfield Brain & Spine neurosurgeon available 24/7 and the region’s only Gamma Knife®, which uses radiation to perform precision brain surgery with no incisions, The Jewish Hospital will accept and provide immediate care to medium-level-severity brain and spine patients from other Mercy Health hospitals.

Patients with lower severity neurological needs can now be admitted at Mercy Health’s other hospitals and treated on site by Mayfield specialists, enhancing Mercy Health’s ability to provide the highest quality care in Cincinnati’s neighborhoods.
Mercy Health will continue to work in a coordinated manner with other area health systems for the most severe neurological cases. Mayfield’s relationships in the Greater Cincinnati area make this possible.