Mercy Health – The Heart Institute First in Cincinnati to Implant Patients with Commercially Available Bioresorbable Stents

In another achievement for Mercy Health – The Heart Institute, interventional cardiologists Kevin Cochran, MD and Dan Eckert, MD were the first to implant newly commercially available bioresorbable stents in two patients on November 8 and another on November 9.

The procedures took place at Fairfield Hospital, where all of The Heart Institute’s interventional cardiologists have completed training on placing the stents.

Fairfield Hospital is the only hospital in Cincinnati where patients can receive the stents but The Heart Institute’s interventional cardiologists at Anderson and West Hospitals and The Jewish Hospital will complete training and offer the procedure at those hospitals in the coming weeks.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the stent in July. According to manufacturer Abbott, the Absorb stent “is the only fully dissolving stent approved for the treatment of coronary artery disease.”

“We use stents, which are shaped like small, narrow tubes, to keep blocked arteries open and reduce a patient’s heart attack risk. Up until now, stents have been made of metal that stay in the body permanently, even after they’ve done the job of keeping the artery open. The Absorb stent is made of a naturally dissolving material, like stitches that dissolve,” said Dr. Cochran. “Once the body absorbs the stent, the artery we’ve treated remains open and is able to pulse and flex naturally as the patient places different demands on his or her heart.” 

Abbott notes that “the Absorb disappears completely in approximately three years, after it has done its job of keeping a clogged artery open and promoting healing of the treated artery segment.”

In worldwide clinical studies, the stent demonstrated comparable short-term and mid-term outcomes to the leading metallic stent.

Drs. Cochran and Eckert practice from Mercy Health – The Heart Institute, Fairfield, located at 3000 Mack Road, Suite 100, Fairfield, OH 45014. Call 513-751-4222 to make an appointment or for more information.