New Video from Mercy Health Offers Fireworks Safety Tips

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, which provides advanced, quality, compassionate care in your neighborhood through its care network, has devoted the latest of its Mercy Health: Helping You Be Well videos to fireworks safety.

If legal in your region, consumer fireworks can really brighten up your Fourth of July celebration but they can be dangerous. Doctors see more than 11,000 people in emergency rooms each year for fireworks-related injuries.

Mercy Health'’s one-minute video offers the following simple suggestions to help you prevent injury and have a happy Fourth of July:
  • read the labels on fireworks and follow the instructions carefully
  • make sure there is an adult around to watch over all firework activities
  • always have a bucket of water handy to soak any dud fireworks
  • never try to relight a firework
  • do not mix alcohol and fireworks – a little common sense goes a long way
The video is available here:

Mercy Health is also sharing summertime safety tips throughout the season on its social media channels. Mercy Health: Helping You Be Well, which spotlights key health issues and tips for healthy living, debuted in 2014 and thousands throughout Ohio and Kentucky have viewed the videos.