Video provides solutions to childhood obesity

Cincinnati, OH (May 5, 2015) -- Mercy Health has devoted the sixth of its monthly Mercy Health: Helping You Be Well videos to childhood obesity issues. Experts say one in three youngsters is overweight or obese.

In a concise video on Mercy Health’s YouTube channel, a Mercy Health expert addresses these childhood obesity-related questions:

• Why is childhood obesity worse now than when we were kids?
• How can we get kids to eat better?
• Should I cut out sweets altogether?
• Won’t most kids just outgrow it?
• What can we do as parents to prevent childhood obesity?

An infographic with childhood obesity facts is available at Mercy Health is also sharing helpful information throughout the month on its social media channels.

Mercy Health: Helping You Be Well, which spotlights key health issues and tips for healthy living, debuted in December. The videos feature Mercy Health physician experts who are committed to making lives better – mind, body and spirit.