St. Rita's rolling out MyChart Bedside house-wide this spring

(Lima, April 24, 2015) – St. Rita’s Medical Center was the first hospital in the country to pilot MyChart Bedside last October, and on Tuesday, April 21 St. Rita’s began rolling out the medical record technology house-wide. The labor and delivery unit was the first to begin utilizing MyChart Bedside on Tuesday, and new teams will join the rollout each week hereafter.

MyChart Bedside is an interactive tablet app for patients. It is designed to strengthen the relationship between patients and their care teams, making the patient experience more enjoyable.

“It is our mission and our promise to make healthcare easier for the communities we serve, and I believe MyChart Bedside helps us achieve that,” said Bob Baxter, CEO of St. Rita’s Health Partners.  

MyChart Bedside has a number of unique features and gives patients the ability to check their hospital appointments, medication lists, lab results, vitals and a variety of patient education materials, all from one handheld tablet. Patients can also use MyChart Bedside to send non-urgent messages to their caregivers or write text notes for themselves to reference later. Another key functionality of MyChart Bedside is the “Taking care of me” feature, which allows patients to view pictures and names of the clinicians and physicians on their treatment team.