Lung Cancer CT Screenings available free of charge

A Catholic healthcare ministry serving Ohio and Kentucky(Lima, Oct. 27, 2015) A CT screening can test for lung cancer before there are any symptoms. St. Ritas offers lung cancer CT screenings for $149; however, these scans are now available to those who cannot afford the $149 fee through a grant from the Mercy Foundation. To qualify for the CT lung screening grant, patients should simply inform their care team that they are unable to pay $149 and arrangements will be made for a free screening.

The CT screening will require a physicians order to be completed, and the patient will need to meet specific criteria (which are part of the physicians order). To be a candidate, one must:
  • Be a current smoker or have quit smoking within the past 15 years and
  • Be in the age group from 55 to 80 years old and
  • Have a smoking history of at least 30 pack-years (one pack per day for 30 years, two packs per day for 15 years, etc.)
  • Have smoked at least one pack of cigarettes per day for 20+ years and
  • Be between 50 and 80 years of age and
  • Have one of the following: Family history of lung cancer with mother, father, sibling or child; Personal history of chronic lung disease; Occupational exposure to lung carcinogens; Documented radon exposure; Personal history of cancer (excluding known metastatic disease)

  • Lung cancer CT screenings are available at St. Ritas Medical Center, Putnam County Ambulatory Care Center and Delphos Ambulatory Care Center. All three locations use accredited equipment, and the low-dose CT scan requires no prep or IV contrast. Following the screening, a board certified radiologist will interpret the CT scan results at no extra charge, and a patient navigator will coordinate follow-up appointments as necessary.

    According to Patty Giesken, Director of Imaging Services at St. Ritas Medical Center, People shouldnt wait until they have symptoms to get screened. Detecting cancer early can allow for more effective treatment and a better prognosis.

    For more information about lung cancer screenings, please contact St. Ritas Medical Center Lung Navigator at 419-996-5616.

    Katee Johnson, Communications Coordinator,
    O: 419-226-9802, C: 567-242-4078