Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in our residency. We are pleased to offer a program that will not only train you to be an excellent family physician, but also to be an excellent leader and teacher. We boast a robust outpatient experience, complete with procedures, integrative medicine and osteopathic manipulative therapy with the flexibility and resources to mold a course of study tailored to your interests as a family physician. We provide you, our future resident and colleague, an opportunity to practice with your own panel of patients, with the support of pharmacists. All of this is accomplished in an atmosphere that is supportive and caring, with faculty members that view this step of your medical education as an opportunity to grow and learn personally and professionally. 

Mercy Health St. Rita Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program is a three-year residency program with accreditation by ACGME. We are approved to accept six new residents per year. We provide a robust outpatient experience with the opportunity to personalize your training to fit your passions and interests. Our amazing faculty members pursue many different fields within family medicine, including academics and lecturing, podcasting, nonpharmacologic pain management and many others. We are an agile program, able to prepare you for practice in the changing face of family medicine for the next 20 years and beyond. We promote leadership and seek to prepare physician leaders who participate in local health promotion and local, regional and state medical societies, driving improvement and education into the next several decades. 

We are a group of supportive faculty members with experience in academics and full-time clinical practice. We understand the rigors associated with graduate medical education. Our program curriculum incorporates physician wellness, leadership and evidence-based learning to help each learner to be successful in residency, personal life and future professional life. 

Program Mission

We are committed to training doctors who are effective communicators and show empathy and compassion to those they serve. Our goal is to cultivate both competence and joy in the practice of medicine. Our residency is leadership-focused, outpatient-based and offers individualized resident training opportunities.

Accreditation Status

Program Name: Mercy Health St. Rita Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program
ACGME ID number: 1203800710
Accreditation Status: Initial Accreditation
Next Site Visit: April 2021
Length of Training: 3 years
Approved Resident Positions: 18, accepts six new residents per year