PGY-1 Rotations 
2  Adult Inpatient 
1  Inpatient Surgery
1  Inpatient Pediatrics
1  OB/Gynecology
1  Intensive Care Unit 
1  Cardiology 
1  Outpatient Family Medicine
1  Behavioral/Mental Health  
1  Gastroenterology 
1  Nephrology 
1  Elective 

PGY-2 Rotations 
2  Adult Inpatient 
1  Emergency 
1  Radiology/Pathology (two weeks each)  
1  Pulmonology 
1  Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine 
1  ENT/Urology (two weeks each) 
1  Pediatrics 
1  Outpatient Family Medicine
2  Elective

2  Adult Inpatient 
1  Neurology 
1  Emergency Medicine
1  Outpatient Pediatrics  
1  Health Management
1  Outpatient Family Medicine  
1  Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
1  Hematology/Oncology 
2  Electives 

Most rotations typically last 4 weeks. Depending on availability, electives may be chosen from among any of the required rotations as well as services like ENT, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology, Urology and more.

A variety of topics pertaining to Practice Management are taught within the three years of residency through didactics, business and team meetings, and in small group sessions and individual encounters with educators.  

Our formal didactic conferences are held on Wednesday mornings. This is protected educational time for our residents, and all Family Medicine and off-service attending physicians realize that residents will be at these didactics each week. All available clinical faculty attend these conferences with our residents, including physicians and psychologists, to provide a truly multidisciplinary team learning concept.