PGY 1 - $50,500

PGY 2 - $51,500

PGY 3 - $52,500

PGY 4 - $53,500

PGY 5 - $54,500

Educational Stipend

PGY 1 through PGY 5 - $1,500

A $50 lab coat stipend is also available

Paid Time Off

PGY 1 - 15 workdays

PGY 2 through PGY 5 - 18 work days

Seminar Days

PGY 1 through PGY 5 - 5 workdays


Health insurance, including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision care is offered to residents and eligible dependents. Short- and long-term disability insurance are payable after 90 days. Life insurance if provided in the amount of one time the resident's annual salary. Professional liability insurance is also available.

Moving Expenses

Available for eligible residents one time at an amount not to exceed $1,000 per family. Relocation allowances are subject to current tax laws. Director of Medical Education determines eligibility.


Annual AOA or AMA and OOA or OSMA membership dues.

Training License

Initial training license fee and subsequent renewals.


Provided at $10.50 per/$225 per month at Mercy Health cafeterias. 


Provided at no cost in an adjacent and gated parking lot.

On-Call Quarters

Provided for each intern/resident when on call and furnished with appropriate amenities.

Information Technology

Provided in the forms of internet access, medical informatics programs/clinical data bases.

Fitness Center

Located ont he premises of St. Elizabeth Youngstown Campus, which is a state of the art facility that is free to use for employees. The Davis YMCA of Boardman is located adjacent to St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital Campus with discounted rates available to employees.

Board Review Course

Provided to residents during senior year.

Other Resources

Available resources for resident use include: medical library, media resources/graphic arts, protective services, infection control, laboratory and radiologic services, risk management, medical record dictation systems, counseling services, etc.

Current Residents

To view a list of our current residents, click here.