Program Overview

Our advanced Education Program in General Practice Residency is designed to provide training beyond the level of pre-doctoral education in oral health care, using applied basic and behavioral sciences. Education in our program is based on the premise that oral health is an integral and interactive part of total health. Our program is designed to expand the scope and depth of the graduates’ knowledge providing skills to enable them to deliver comprehensive oral health care to a wide range of population groups.

Upon completion of our GPR Program, our graduates will be able to:

  • Act as a primary care provider for individuals and groups of patients. This includes: providing emergency and multidisciplinary comprehensive oral health care; providing patient focused care that is coordinated by the general practitioner, directing health promotion and disease prevention activities, and using advanced treatment modalities.
  • Plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health for a wide variety of patients including patients with special needs.
  • Manage the delivery of oral health care by applying concepts of patient and practice management and quality improvement that are responsive to a dynamic health care environment.
  • Function effectively within the hospital and other health care environments.
  • Function effectively within interdisciplinary health care teams.
  • Apply scientific principles to learning and oral health care. This includes using critical thinking, evidence or outcomes-based clinical decision-making and technology-based information retrieval systems.
  • Utilize the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient centered care, adaptability and acceptance of cultural diversity in professional practice.
  • Understand the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service.

Our objective of the hospital-based General Practice Residency Program at Mercy Health is to produce a general dentist with a high level of clinical competency that allows the practitioner to care for an a diverse cohort of patient complexities, including the medically compromised patient, working alongside the dental specialists and medical colleagues in the health care community.

Program Highlights

  • 1030 special needs patients, plus development and implementation of Autistic Spectrum Disorder Dental Clinic Health Path of Ohio
  • 196 operating room same-day patients
  • 12,197 dental clinic patients
  • 45,040 dental procedures performed
  • 3,119 emergency dental patients in clinic
  • 953 emergency dental hospital education patients

2017 dental program accomplishments

  • Development and implementation of early patient registration protocols (am & pm) to more effectively utilize clinic time
  • Expansion of Centering Pregnancy Program to include dedicated dental clinic
  • Development and implementation of Hispanic Centering Pregnancy Clinic
  • Expansion of Dental Baby Clinic
  • Development and implementation of a medical management of dental caries (silver diamine fluoride)
  • Development and implementation of the region's only dedicated Autistic Spectrum Disorder Dental Clinic
  • Implementation of a perfect serve
  • Development and implementation of a head/neck radiation/oncology dental pre-habilitation clinic
  • Development and implementation of a management of medical emergencies didactic/clinical curriculum
  • Development and implementation of a dental clinic for YSU international students
  • Dental services collaborative regional consultations
  • Expansion of cardiovascular valve dental pre-habilitation/clearance clinic
  • Expansion of internal medicine planned interdisciplinary diabetic clinic to include dental clinic services
  • Development and implementation of an evidence-based opiate crisis pain management curriculum
  • Expansion of oral wellness/pipeline program in response to early childhood caries epidemic to include Mahoning and Trumbull County sites
  • Upgraded software/hardware for 3D dental imprinting CAD/CAM technology
  • Integration of oral health into inter-professional health curriculums
  • Expansion of collaborate training programs
  • Expansion of definitive care clinic to depopulate ED from unnecessary dental visits and unnecessary opioid prescriptions
  • Recipient of Mercy Health Physicians Youngstown 2017 Access to Care Award