Program Overview

The Transitional Year Residency Program at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital was established in 2004. The 1-year program, with four residency positions, is co-sponsored by the Internal Medicine and General Surgery Residency Programs, both of which are long-standing, ACGME accredited programs at our institution.

The purpose and objective of the Transitional Year Program is to provide a well-balanced graduate medical educational program, both clinical and didactic, in multiple disciplines. Sponsorship of the Program in Medicine and Surgery provides fundamental experiences for residents who desire subsequent training. Our transitional residents have gone on for training in Anesthesia, Urology, Neurology, Radiology, Ophthalmology, PM&R, and Emergency Medicine.

This year is designed to fulfill the post-graduate medical education needs of those graduates who have either:

  • Chosen a career specialty for which the categorical program has, as a prerequisite, one year of fundamental clinical education; or
  • Not yet made a career choice or specialty selection and desire a broad-based year to assist them in making that decision; or
  • Are planning to serve in organizations such as the public health service or on active duty in the military as general medical officers or primary flight/undersea medicine physicians prior to completing a residency in graduate medical education; or
  • Desire or need to acquire a year of fundamental clinical education prior to entering into a career path such as administrative medicine or non-clinical research

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Mary Morjock
Program Coordinator