General Information

Academic Year
The one-year program begins in July. You will spend approximately 40 hours a week, eight hours a day, dividing your time between the classroom and the laboratory. Instruction includes technical and clinical aspects of laboratory analysis with clinical correlation, and theory and concepts in the clinical laboratory and behavior sciences. 

If you are paying tuition to an affiliated school that reimburses the program, your tuition will depend on the school and there is no additional tuition charged by our program. Otherwise the tuition for the clinical year is $500 and is assessed directly to the student. Once the training has started, there will be no refunds granted by the program for voluntary withdrawal. 

Room, board and transportation
Room, board and transportation are your responsibility. Meals are provided at discounted prices in the hospital cafeteria. 

Certification exam fees
If you elect to take a certifying exam the fees are your responsibility. 

Parking is available free of charge. 

Employment opportunities
Employment opportunities in the laboratory are often available during your training year. Policies and restrictions on employment will be covered in orientation.

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There's no better place to seek the personal satisfaction of giving than at one of our Mercy facilities. Volunteer and see not only a difference in others but also in yourself. 

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If you are looking for a satisfying career in the Midwest with tremendous potential for growth in a holistic, patient-centered environment, we would like to speak with you in confidence. 

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From physician residency programs to clinical laboratory education and clinical pastoral education, MHP is committed to providing the best educational opportunities in healthcare possible.

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