Compensation and Benefits


PGY-1 — $50,500
PGY-2 — $51,500

Paid Time Off

PGY-1 — 15 days
PGY-2 — 18 days

CME Stipend / Time Off

$1,500 and 5 days

Moving Allowance


Commitments of Residents

  1. We acknowledge our fundamental obligation as physicians – to place our patients’ welfare uppermost; quality health care and patient safety will always be our prime objectives.
  2. We pledge our utmost effort to acquire the knowledge, clinical skills, attitudes and behaviors required to fulfill all objectives of the educational program and to achieve the competencies deemed appropriate for our chosen discipline.
  3. We embrace the professional values of honesty, compassion, integrity, and dependability.
  4. We will adhere to the highest standards of the medical profession and pledge to conduct ourselves accordingly in all our interactions. We will demonstrate respect for all patients and members of the health care team without regard to gender, race, national origin, religion, economic status, disability or sexual orientation.
  5. As physicians in training, we learn most from being involved in the direct care of patients and from the guidance of faculty and other members of the healthcare team. We understand the need for faculty to supervise all of our interactions with patients.
  6. We accept our obligation to secure direct assistance from faculty or appropriately experienced residents whenever we are confronted with high-risk situations or with clinical decisions that exceed our confidence or skill to handle alone.
  7. We welcome candid and constructive feedback from faculty and all others who observe our performance, recognizing that objective assessments are indispensable guides to improving our skills as a physician.
  8. We also will provide candid and constructive feedback on the performance of our fellow residents, of students, and of faculty, recognizing our life-long obligation as physicians to participate in peer evaluations and quality improvement.
  9. We recognize the rapid pace of change in medical knowledge and the consequent need to prepare ourselves to maintain our expertise and competency throughout our professional lifetimes.
  10.   In fulfilling our own obligations as professionals, we pledge to assist both medical students and fellow residents in meeting their professional obligations by serving as their teachers and role models.

This compact serves both as a pledge and as a reminder to resident physicians and their teachers that their conduct is fulfilling their obligations to one another is the medium through which the profession perpetuates its standards and inculcates its ethical values.

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