Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat patients in the Emergency Department? 

We have a dental emergency cart stocked to triage and stabilize patients, often including incision and drainage or intraoral splinting. Patients are seen in the dental clinic the following business day for definitive care.

What procedures do you perform?

Exams, restorations, endodontics, preventative care, dental implants, crown and bridge, oral surgery, pediatric restorative including pulpotomies and stainless-steel crowns, soft tissue laser therapy, biopsies, socket preservation and more.

What are your administrative duties?

Beyond normal clinical administrative duties (such as medical records, medical consults, laboratory prescriptions), patient communications, financial issues, and scheduling duties are performed by administrative staff.

Do I need to take the Advanced Dental Admissions Test (ADAT)?

The ADAT is not required for our program. All applicants utilize PASS.

Can I visit prior to applying?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visits/tours of our facility are not allowed.

Is your program CODA accredited?

Our most recent review in 2020 achieved approval with no reporting requirements. The next site visit is in 2027. 

What is the cost of living?

This often ranges from $600 to 1,000 for a one- or two-bedroom apartment or equivalent.

Do I need to buy scrubs?

Scrubs are provided and laundered by the hospital.