Residents — Family Medicine Residency at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital

Benefits and Compensation


  • PGY 1: $60,000
  • PGY 2: $62,100
  • PGY 3: $64,200

These are for the 2022-23 year and are subject to change.


Available for resident and eligible dependents as per hospital policy. Includes a resident contribution and the following benefits: medical, prescription drug, dental and vision care administered through an approved provider program.

Paid Time Off

  • PGY 1: 15 workdays
  • PGY 2-5: 18 workdays

Academic Stipend

Provided for attendance of one educational conference per year with the approval of the program director. All residents are eligible for $1,500 and five days of conference time per academic year.

Other Benefits

  • Moving expenses: Available for eligible residents at an amount not to exceed $1,000 per family. Subject to IRS rules, original receipts required. Program directors determine eligibility.
  • Meals: $250 food allowance per month per resident in the Market’s hospital cafeterias
  • Parking: Provided at no cost adjacent to the hospital.  
  • Fitness facilities: Located on St. Elizabeth Youngstown and St. Joseph Warren campuses, free, state-of-the-art employee fitness center for use by all employees.
  • Child care: Located nearby is a certified child care center which provides flexible hours of service. Residents are eligible for an employee discount.
  • On-call quarters: Provided for each resident when on call and furnished with appropriate amenities.
  • Information technology: Provided in the form of internet access, medical informatics programs/clinical databases.


Meet the current residents for the family medicine program.

Lifestyle in the Area

Residents enjoy ample time to pursue interests outside medicine. The cost of living of the area is much lower than most of the country. Multiple opportunities exist within town to explore culture and nightlife. Large airports and “big city” life are easily accessed within a one-hour drive to Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Life as a resident includes:

  • Great learning experience in a supportive, fun setting
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Family-like atmosphere with faculty, residents and staff
  • Opportunities to serve the community
  • Walk with a Doc at the Eastwood Mall
  • Volunteering with local nonprofit organizations
  • One-hour drive to Cleveland or Pittsburgh
  • Affordable housing and low cost of living
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What to Expect

As a PGY-1 resident, when you begin rotating through different specialties, the learning curve is steep, especially since you are transitioning from medical school to residency life. However, this is a very supportive and nurturing environment, and everyone is approachable and wants to help.

During your PGY-1 rotations, you will have continuous family medicine office hours and didactics ­- you will be excused from your rotations during these times, allowing support from our residency group. The calls that will you do during your PGY-1 year are with your rotation service each month. The only calls you have for the family medicine service are during your Family Medicine Inpatient service rotations.

During your second and third year, you will be seeing more patients during your office hours, and you will continue to have rotations that are mostly outpatient rotations. During the second and third years you will also take call for the residency practice. These calls are from home, although you must be within 30 minutes of the hospital, and you come from home for admissions and urgencies. We are a very diverse resident team with a lot of social events, so expect get-togethers during the year with amazing, diverse food.

Call Schedule 

PGY-1: Varies by rotation

  • Shift work: OB/GYN, Pediatric Inpatient, Emergency Medicine (approximately 10 12-hour shifts)
  • Calls:
    • Surgery: Two 24-hour weekend calls
    • Internal medicine: Three weekday long calls until 9 p.m., one weekend long-call until 9 p.m., one week of night float
    • MICU: Three weekday long calls until 9 p.m., one weekend long call until 9 p.m., one week of night float
    • FM service: Three weekday short call until 8 p.m., one weekend call from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m.

PGY-2 and PGY-3:

  • Shift work: Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine rotations
  • Calls: Three to four weekday calls per month from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. One or two weekend calls (6 a.m. to 6 a.m. next day). This is a home-call system. 

Average Hours a Week

  • PGY 1 residents sometimes approach (but do not exceed) the 80-hour per week mark intermittently, and only during busier inpatient rotations like MICU and Inpatient Surgery.
  • PGY 2 and PGY 3 residents will hardly ever exceed 65 hours per week; average approximately 50 hours per week.