Pharmacy Department

Mercy Health - St. Vincent’s Pharmacy Department provides a wide assortment of clinical and distributive services to our patients.   Comprehensive pharmacy services are provided through a 24-hour in-house central pharmacy.  Four decentralized pharmacies are located in the OR, Heart and Vascular Institute, and two outpatient oncology centers.  In addition, formal clinical services include critical care, trauma, burn, internal medicine, emergency medicine, anticoagulation, cardiology, infectious diseases, and pediatrics.  State of the art computer systems as well as robotics assure the safe, accurate, rational, and cost-effective use of medications.  Additional services offered by pharmacy include:

  • Sterile and non-sterile compounding
  • Computerized intravenous admixture and unit dose dispensing
  • Advanced technology support, including wireless PCs, automated dispensing devices and clinical decision support tools
  • Investigational drug studies
  • Decentralized pharmacist practice
  • Pharmacokinetic consults
  • Anticoagulation monitoring
  • Medication therapy reviews
  • Renal dose monitoring and adjustments
  • Patient education programs
  • Drug information
  • In-service education
  • Participation in multi-disciplinary committees