The Podiatry residency program at St. Vincent Medical Center is a member of the Council of Teaching Hospitals. All of our applications go through the central application process (CASPR). We participate in the CRIP process and will be present in Texas in January of 2019. Once we have received all application materials, you will be notified regarding your interview status. We conduct two interviews during the CRIP. Match date is March 2019.

The 2018-2019 CASPR program calendar has likely previously been sent to you. You can review details of our program regarding rotations, resident requirements, benefits and applicant requirements on these pages, on the CASPR website and on the CD sent with our program packet. We do not have a GPA requirement and an externship at our institution is not required for applicants to be considered for our residency program.

If you would like to visit the program, please contact our Program Coordinator to make arrangements.