4  Adult/Internal Medicine
1  Inpatient Surgery
1  Inpatient Pediatrics
2  OB/Neonatology
2  Inpatient Family Medicine
1  Emergency Medicine
1  Outpatient Family Medicine


2  Inpatient Family Medicine
1  Geriatrics
1  Pediatric Emergency
1  Medicine
1  Outpatient Pediatrics
1  Radiology/NICU
1  ICU
1  Inpatient Cardiology
1-2  Elective
1  Orthopedics


1  Adult/Internal Medicine
1  Inpatient Family Medicine
1  Emergency Medicine
1  Outpatient Family Medicine
1  Medicine
1  Outpatient Pediatrics
3  Elective
1  Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
1  Medicine
1  Outpatient Surgery
1  Practice Management

Each rotations typically lasts for 4 weeks. Depending on availability, electives may be chosen from among any of the required rotations as well as services like ENT, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology, Urology and more.

Behavioral and mental health will be longitudinally integrated throughout your residency education. Training is acquired primarily in the outpatient setting, and through didactic sessions. Residents will review the evaluation and care of their own continuity psychiatric patients within the Family Medicine Centers. They will be responsible for fulfilling goals and objectives of this rotation through close supervision and liaison with the behavioralist, who will meet with patients and residents at all FMC sites.

A variety of topics pertaining to Practice Management are taught within the three years of residency through didactics, business and team meetings, and in small group sessions and individual encounters with educators in the field and as part of the 1-month required rotation during PGY-3. Residents are also given exposure to community medicine and health needs through instruction at program conferences and clinical experiences at various sites throughout the Toledo area. 

In addition to any scheduled rotations, residents will spend ongoing time in OBGYN specialty clinics located at FMCs. You will also gain insight into the complexities of care in the older patient within FMCs as well as in the hospital setting during yo three years of trainingur. Residents may also participate with faculty members in clinical rounds at long-term care facilities and home visits.

Scholarly Activity

Our formal didactic conferences are held on Wednesday mornings. This is protected educational time for our residents, and all Family Medicine and off-service attending physicians realize that residents will be at these didactics each week. All available clinical faculty attend these conferences with our residents, including physicians and psychologists, to provide a truly multidisciplinary team learning concept.

Our weekly conferences utilize a multi-track system to provide the best learning opportunities to our residents based on their level of expertise and educational needs. PGY-1 and transitional year residents traditionally need more exposure to inpatient and acute care topics, while second- and third-year residents are more interested in chronic disease management and the outpatient setting.

Monthly inpatient M&M cases are presented by the Family Medicine team from the previous month. Journal Club is also held on a monthly basis. Each month, a resident is assigned to select a journal article in collaboration with a mentoring clinical faculty member and is responsible for presenting the article and leading a critical discussion and evaluation.

Balint Group meetings are held monthly over lunch with separate sessions for junior and senior residents. Led by our staff psychologist, Balint Group provides a confidential opportunity for residents to share experiences and gain insight from their peers. Optional activities for learning also include off-service conferences and weekly CME offerings at both of our inpatient facilities.

Clinical tools and resources available to our residents include:

  • Huntleigh FlexiDoppler-D930, a portable, handheld Doppler 
  • Cardiobeat Vascular Doppler system
  • Four Little Anne mannikins for adult CPR and code practice
  • Four Baby Anne mannikins for infant CPR and code practice
  • AED trainer, for practice with the real AED
  • Difficult Airway Intubation head to practice intubation skills
  • Two OBGYN manikins