Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer pediatric or women’s care rotations?

No. Rotations are primarily general adult medicine.

This is a Catholic health system. Do I have to be Catholic or religious?

No. We welcome diversity and all learners with a desire to provide excellent care to all patients, especially the poor and underserved populations.

What are your staffing requirements? 

Residents staff every third weekend. Our residents do not take call.

What are some technologies used by pharmacy?

EPIC®, Programmable IV pumps, Omnicell®

Do you accept students from outside the United States?

No. At this time, the program is not designed to provide sponsorship to international students.

Are you a trauma center?

No. We do have a cath lab with open heart capability and are working on our stroke center certification.

Do residents have to travel? Is there reimbursement?

Residents are expected to travel to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and The Ohio Pharmacy Resident Conference. Additionally, pharmacy residents are expected to showcase the residency program on the local level. The Teaching and Learning Certificate Program offered through Ohio Northern University also requires minimal travel.

Travel/meeting expenses are built into the residents’ stipend. By increasing the stipend to account for expenses anticipated for these events the resident may choose how to use the monies and the program does not risk the lack of availability to fund due to travel freezes, etc. The increase in stipend is anticipated to cover meeting registration, hotel and airline costs.

Is your program ASHP accredited?

Not yet. Our first resident is currently in the 2021-2022 program. We are in ASHP Candidate Status and our accreditation survey is scheduled for April 2022.

When does the program start and end?

Anticipated program start date is the last Monday in June. Anticipated end date is the last day in following July.

Why choose St. Anne?

Our smaller community hospital has a family feel to the learning environment but is a part of a large hospital system. We have robust clinical relationships with the hospitals in our large system and we know each other in our hallways by name.