When you are looking for individual advice from an expert, we can help. You may schedule one-on-one appointments for the following services:

Comfort Touch
Comfort Touch works with the body’s natural healing ability to provide gentle, hands-on nurturing, relaxation and stress relief. Patients who receive this therapy report a decrease in pain, improved sleep and feelings of well-being. To schedule an appointment, please call Wendy at 440-324-0488.

One-on-One Social Work Support
A social worker can help you and your family members find available resources, develop positive coping skills and help with personal concerns. Please call 440-324-0480 for information.

Explore the Labyrinth
Our labyrinth, located in our Healing Garden, is a replica of the one found on the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres in France. It’s a prayer and meditation tool dating back more than 4,000 years. The labyrinth has a single path to its center, with no shortcuts or dead ends. Walking the labyrinth allows your mind to become still while your body is in motion. If you are interested in exploring the labyrinth, please call Vikki at 440-324-0483 to schedule an appointment.

Hospice Consultation 
Hospice Care involves medical, psychological and spiritual support for patients who are terminally ill. Care is primarily based in the home, with a focus on pain management and symptom control.

  • The Mercy Cancer Center offers individual consultation to discuss Hospice Care with patients and families. Please call 440-324-0480 to make an appointment to learn when it might be time for hospice care and many other details about the Hospice Program.

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Palliative Care Consultation
Palliative Care focuses on comfort and quality of life for people who have a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. Spiritual and emotional support are key components of our program.

The Mercy Cancer Center offers individual consultation to discuss Palliative Care with patients and families. Please call 440-324-0480 to schedule an appointment.

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Ohio Power of Attorney and Living Will: No-Charge Session to Complete Documents
Learn how you can become more involved in your own health care decisions. We’ll review Ohio’s Advance Directives law and can help complete your paperwork during the session. Please call 440-324-0480 for an appointment.