What to expect: scheduling, consultations & appointments

Depending on your needs and diagnosis, each patient experience with the Springfield Regional Cancer Center is individualized. Below is a high-level overview of what you may expect during your treatment at the Springfield Regional Cancer Center.

Initial consultations for patients are scheduled through their referring physicians, either the primary care physician, surgeon or specialty physician. The consults are scheduled for the next available time, generally within 5 to 7 days. Due to emergency needs some are seen on the same day or, if requested, may be scheduled later to accommodate after surgery healing time. 

After the initial consultation, patients are scheduled for their next procedure as required for the particular type of radiation therapy being prescribed. This may be for a CT-Simulation or Volume Study for treatment planning in accordance with the diagnosis and radiation therapy to be rendered. 

At the completion of this procedure the patient will be scheduled for their daily treatment time. Every effort will be made to accommodate the patients with a time that will be convenient for them. It is possible the radiation therapy treatment prescribed may require the procedure be scheduled at the hospital. 

After completion of therapy, if needed, the patients are scheduled to return after one month for a follow-up appointment with the oncologist.