Strength to fight

Of all the things cancer can take away, the most devastating can be the strength to keep fighting. We understand the struggle, the need for hope and the specialized care in order to keep your strength up without pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Mercy Health keeps patients focused on the future, while offering a variety of therapeutic options to ease the day-to-day challenges of fighting.

Physical, occupational and speech therapies
Cancer can weaken your movement, mobility or speech, but therapy can help. Physical therapy can restore you to your fullest functional capacity possible. Occupational therapy allows you to maintain optimal function of daily activities. Speech therapy can allow for more effective communication if you’ve experienced a loss or change in verbal ability.

Oncology rehabilitation
Cancer treatment often causes significant pain, fatigue and disability for survivors, and our goal is to help patients manage these side effects and to encourage cancer survivors to have the best quality of life possible. We are able to provide you with comprehensive, coordinated rehabilitation supported by a team of specialty-trained clinicians to help in the fight against cancer.

Our Team
Our cancer rehabilitation program is offered to patients by a group of trained professionals, made up of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. Our team will develop individual rehabilitation plans focused on increasing strength and energy, managing pain and improving functioning and quality of life. It’s all about you.