Mercy Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Provided Sports Physicals to 2,100 Student Athletes

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, which provides advanced, quality, compassionate care in your neighborhood through its care network, announces that it paired with primary care physicians and nurse practitioners to conduct more than 2,100 sports physicals at 17 different locations, making an impact on many families, athletes and athletic directors.

"Sports physicals are a vital tool in determining if a student athlete is healthy enough to take part in sports. They can also help lessen the risk of a student developing a sports-related injury since they help identify conditions that might affect an athlete's ability to play," said orthopaedic surgeon Marc Galloway, who chairs Mercy Health's sports medicine program.

"Finding a potential issue early means we can take action to lessen its impact on the student's high school sports career or ensure that he or she can access rehabilitation to get back in the game safely,” he added.

The sports physicals are one element of Mercy Health’s robust school partnership program.

Mercy Health partners with 29 area schools to provide a team physician who is associated with the school and a certified athletic trainer to serve as the schools' primary athletic trainer. The athletic trainer offers a comprehensive array of services to promote and ensure the safety of student athletes, including:
  • Providing all pre-season sports physicals
  • Providing Sportsmetrics(tm), an ACL injury prevention program
  • Providing and arranging all coverage for a wide array of sports, including soccer, volleyball and basketball games, tournaments, events and practices, throughout the school year
  • Providing priority appointments for injured athletes
  • Providing Saturday walk-in clinics through the Fall sports season
  • Monitoring athletic injuries and developing injury prevention training and programs with the advice and consent of the Team Physician
  • Coordinating and providing injury follow-up and evaluation with the physicians of Mercy Health
  • Managing and overseeing the athletic training room
  • Advising the school on the supplies and training equipment needed for the athletic training program
  • Assisting faculty and athletic coaching staff in the design and implementation of a student athletic training program and continuing education program and other related health and wellness programs as needed by the school, including providing speakers to address relevant topics for career days, etc.
  • Providing strength, conditioning and flexibility training suggestions and programs to the coaching staff through the advice of a certified strength and conditioning specialist and with the consent of the Team Physician

In addition, the physician provides direct orthopaedic care for athletic injuries and injury prevention training for the athletes. The partnerships give student athletes preferred access to treatment, diagnostic equipment such as x-rays or CAT scans and physical therapy options