Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I receiving a brace?

Your physician is prescribing this device as a part of your treatment. The brace is designed to assist in the healing process as part of your plan of care. Braces serve multiple purposes, including immobilizing the area, providing support, limiting range of motion and offering protection. Our in-office program is designed to offer convenience to the patient to ensure a quality product is provided at the time of their appointment.

Is there a manufacturer warranty on the product?

Each device has its own specific manufacturer warranty. In general, most devices come with a 60 day manufacturer’s warranty. If there is a defect in the device that is under warranty, the product will be replaced at no cost to the patient. 

Can I return my brace/orthotic?

Brace and custom orthotics returns are only accepted for manufacturer defects. Bracing is considered a single use device and can only be exchanged if the defect is consistent with the manufacturer warranty. If your device is causing discomfort or not meeting your needs, please call your local coordinator to discuss any issues or concerns that you might have with your equipment.

Orthotics have a 90-day warranty that is limited to supplies and allows for modifications at no charge to the patient. After 90 days, the patient will be financially responsible for any modifications or adjustments. Custom orthotics cannot be returned for refund once the service is complete.

Will my insurance cover this brace?

Insurance coverage for bracing is specific for each individual plan. We encourage you to contact your provider if you have specific coverage questions. Depending on your coverage, there are a variety of ways a brace can be covered:

  • Insurance will cover at 100% and no cost will fall to the patient.
  • Co-insurance: Insurance will cover a portion of the brace with the remaining balance falling to patient responsibility.
  •  Insurance will not cover the brace.

It is important to understand your individual deductible and co-insurance levels. It is the responsibility of the patient to fully understand their insurance benefits, as they will be financially responsible for the device.

Some insurance plans do have a separate deductible for braces and orthotics.

How much will my brace cost?

Mercy Health has a standardized fee schedule for each product. Patient responsibility for each brace depends on your specific insurance coverage, your co-insurance and your deductible.

Do I need preauthorization/precertification for this product?

Our precertification department processes each product for our patients. We do not guarantee that prior authorization will lead to payment. We strongly recommend that all patients contact their insurance company to verify their specific coverage benefits.

Is there financial assistance for bracing and orthotics?

Mercy Health does not offer financial assistance on bracing and orthotics but we do offer payment plans. To arrange a payment plan, please call the Customer Service Department at 1-800-301-3988.

Why are some braces and services not billed to my insurance?

Insurance companies do not recognize some braces as reimbursable. As a convenience for our patients, we offer medical grade equipment through our retail program. These high quality products include manufacture warranties and are fit by our staff of certified athletic trainers.

Who should I call if I have a billing question?

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-301-3988.

Who should I call if I have a bracing question?

Please contact the location where you received your product. One of our coordinators will be able to assist in addressing your bracing concerns.