Specialized Care to Keep Dancers on Pointe

From dancers to musicians, perfecting your art is rigorous and can often times result in injuries. At Mercy Health, we understand. As former dancers, our specially-trained performing arts medicine athletic trainers know first-hand the rigorous training that is involved in being a performing artist. From their personal experience at the barre and on stage to their many years of keeping the Cincinnati Ballet on pointe, our performing arts medicine experts provide top-notch preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of performing arts-related injuries. They also partner with Mercy Health orthopedists to ensure performing artists get the care they need.


The most common injuries experienced by dancers are overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and stress fractures, mainly in the lower body. Other injuries include torn ligaments in the ankles and knees, fractures and dislocated shoulders, which can all be treated by your Mercy Health orthopaedic surgeon followed by rehabilitation with a performing arts medicine athletic trainer at:

Cincinnati Ballet
1555 Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH  45214

Anderson - Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine
7575 Five Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230

In addition to treating injuries and being on site for every Cincinnati Ballet performance, our athletic trainers also provide educational opportunities to dancers, their parents and instructors to prevent injuries before they happen.


Services available through our Performing Arts Medicine program include:

Cincinnati Ballet Services
Pre-Season Screenings
Injury Prevention Care
Personalized Treatment and Rehabilitation
Theatre Coverage

Physical Therapy
Sports Injury Rehab
Foot and Ankle Injury Rehab
Shoulder Rehab
Hip and Knee Replacements

Pilates Conditioning
Semi Private
Small Group

Ballet Fitness
Classical Ballet Conditioning
Dance Technique Evaluations
Pre-Pointe Screenings
Turnout Strengthening

Post Rehabilitation
Pilates Conditioning
Home Exercise Program Administration


Before it became popular at fitness clubs across the country, dancers have been using this non-weight bearing form of exercise for strengthening and rehabilitation for many years. Developed by Joseph Pilates, this exercise is extremely effective in keeping dancers in shape while recovering from injuries. In addition, it is an excellent way to strengthen and balance muscles to prevent injuries.

The performing arts medicine athletic trainers at Mercy Health have developed many variations of the Pilates exercises that enable dancers to simulate dance movements on the Reformer. The machine allows them to adjust resistance to adapt the exercises for each dancers specific need – getting dancers back to the barre quickly and safely.

Dance Partnerships
Mercy Health has a long history of partnering with the communities we serve to help people get well and be well. We are proud to provide access to award-winning, comprehensive healthcare and wellness services to performing artists at our affiliated dance organizations.

  • Cincinnati Ballet
  • Anderson Dance Academy
  •  Cincinnati Ballet Academy
  •  Dance A lot
  •  Dance, ETC.
  •  De La Arts Expressions
  •  Glen Este Dance Team
  •  Gotta Dance
  •  Just Off Broadway
  •  Mason Dance Center
  •  McGing Irish Dancers
  •  Planet Dance
  •  Schools for Creative and Performing Arts
  •  University of Cincinnati Preparatory Arts